Setting the benchmark

Happy Earth Day everyone! What a perfect day to start my journey to carb reduction. In order to measure success, I’ve started by calculating my annual carbon emissions…

10 tonnes! 2 elephants’ worth of carbon!*

That was quite a shock for me as it’s the same as the average per person in the UK and, since I’m vegetarian, I recycle and I rarely fly, I was expecting my contribution to this problem to be considerably lower than the national average!

Apparently 39% of my 10 tonnes come from my home, 30% from food, 26% from miscellaneous items and 5% from travel.

Here’s a link to the WWF’s carbon footprint calculator. I tried a few and found this to be the best combination of quick, easy and accurate.

Anyway, after recovering from the initial shock of my average carbon footprint, I am determined to get on with the business of reducing it. A large proportion of my carbon emissions appear to come from food so here is my pledge:


Just not yet. I need a few days (maybe weeks) to get my head around it. But I will. GOING VEGAN is one way of making a significant reduction to your carbon footprint.

In the meantime, I’m going to research some other more immediate ways I can start to reduce my carbs. One of them is to KEEP THE TOP OF YOUR FRIDGE CLEAR. So I’m off to do that right now.

*Wikipedia 2019 African elephants weigh 4500-5900kg

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