Gravesend Messenger

I was asked by the Gravesend Messenger to comment on the travel disruption caused by Extinction Rebellion. Here’s what I said:

“Those responsible for the Extinction Rebellion apologise for the travel and any other disruption that their actions cause. However, we are dealing with a life or death situation. Our lives, jobs and homes are at risk from an ‘unprecedented global emergency’ and there is a real possibility of societal collapse, as attested by Sir David Attenborough.

‘Lobbying, marching, voting, consumer- and shareholder-activism, have all failed to achieve meaningful change’ for the environment and the only option left is civil disobedience; to disrupt business as usual and force those in power to act responsibly.

Throughout the protests, Extinction Rebellion have worked with police to ensure emergency services continue to operate effectively. They also encourage people to find out more about the severity of this crisis.”

Read the full story in the Gravesend Messenger, Thursday 25th April 2019.

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