Keep Calm And Let Me Panic

Will people please stop telling me to calm down? The bloody world is on fire! I am not telling you to panic. I’m not telling, asking or even encouraging you to don a mask, grab a hose and run headfirst into the flames. I have the mask, the hose and the (perhaps self-destructive) determination to dive in there myself and that’s what I’m doing. So please, sincerely, don’t feel pressured by me to act. Because, quite frankly, one more person is unlikely to make much difference anyhow!

However, on this learning journey of mine, I am simply passing on the information I find particularly valuable so that the firefighters among you can join me in the heat should you so wish. We need as many firefighters as possible to tackle this blaze.

In summary, whatever impression I exude, please let me clarify that I am not asking you to panic. But please don’t ask me not to.

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