Crisp Packet Collection

Council recycling collections are currently unable to recycle crisp packets as they are made from a fusion of plastic and aluminium foil. Walkers are working towards 100% recyclable packets by 2025. But in the meantime, you can get them recycled with specialist recycler Terracycle and raise money for Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex (AAKSS) at the same time!


Terracycle separate the packets by plastic type then clean and extrude them into plastic pellets to make new recycled products like park benches.

One of Terracycle’s scheme members is AAKSS, who receive a financial credit for all crisp packets sent in on their behalf.

Collect your crisp packets at home in an old bag or box and take them to one of the drop off points who forward them to Terracycle on behalf of AAKSS.

For larger collections in schools or other groups, a collection box can be useful. 

How to make a DIY crisp packet collection box:

  1. Find a large box. Supermarket crisp boxes are ideal
  2. Cut the flaps off of the top
  3. Seal the flaps on the bottom to ensure it stays sturdy
  4. Line the inside of the box with plastic
  5. Make a lid by cutting a rectangle in a piece of cardboard slightly larger than the box, cutting a square from each corner and folding and sealing the edges
  6. Line the inside of the lid with plastic
  7. Cut a hole in the top of the lid for the packets to be posted in
  8. Decorate the box and lid by gluing on multipack crisp wrappers
  9. Print and stick these posters on the box to show people what can be collected and how the scheme works
  10. Place the box somewhere visible and empty it regularly, taking the empty packets to your local drop off point. 

Crisp packet recycling scheme poster

Accepted packets poster

AAKSS poster

Here’s one I made earlier in Coop, New Ash Green, Kent.

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