Testing The Theory

On 22nd April, I committed to going vegan. It took 5 months for me to make that transition but I’ve now been plant based for 5 weeks and it was a million times easier than I ever imagined!

I was vegetarian already so it was perhaps easier for me to transition than it would be for a carnivore. My first step was milk. There are so many delicious alternatives. My favourites are almond and oat.

Then I had to drop eggs and cheese and that could have been harder. I loved my cheese. Especially a regular margarita pizza. And, to be honest, I don’t think I could’ve dropped it without a pretty big reason.

For me, that reason was a film called Cowspiracy; a fictional, futuristic documentary style comedy set in a totally vegan world, where people look back on those who ate animals, including themselves, and muse over how they could ever have done so. The real footage of animal suffering within the dairy industry moved me to tears and, from that point onwards, it was pretty easy to forfeit my once beloved pizzas, cheese and chocolate bars to know that not one more baby calf will be ripped from its mothers’ breast and not one more useless little boy chicken will be murdered for my food cravings.

So, 5 months on, having gone vegan and made some simple changes to my lifestyle which I’ll be covering in other posts, it was time to re-calculate my carbon footprint. And low and behold…I’ve dropped 2.1tonnes! I couldn’t be happier. The work is paying off. I’m contributing far less carbon to the atmosphere and I’m feeling healthier, happier and more fulfilled for doing so.

Over 20% carb loss in 5 months!

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