Pearly Whites

I was so excited to receive my new toothpaste. Sad, I know! But toothpaste is one of those products we use daily for our entire lives so to cut all that plastic out of our lives would make a huge difference.

So, spearmint for me and peppermint for him, along with peppermint mouthwash for both. Plastic free (except a little in the Amazon wrapping as always, humph). Anyway, plastic free, cruelty free, vegan and organic.

The verdict

Toothpaste smells gorgeous! The little scoop makes it easy to spread on your toothbrush and it seems to work. Sadly the taste doesn’t match the smell. Not unpleasant, just not very minty. Doesn’t lather very well, it’s a bit dry and my dentist wasn’t happy it doesn’t contain fluoride. Overall, the plastic free and vegan properties far outweigh the negatives so I’m sticking with it.

The mouthwash is very mildly minty but definitely freshens the mouth. The tablet takes a while to dissolve so it’s worth keeping a small cup by the sink so it can dissolve in water while you’re brushing. Again, a keeper due to plastic and vegan properties, although I do miss the mouth zinging super strength of my old brand.