Vegan Essentials

It hasn’t been long but, as a foodie, I’ve done lots of research already. Here are my top tips for stocking up the pantry.

Holland & Barratt vegan multivits – until I can be totally sure I’m getting all I need.

Nutritional yeast flakes – B12 hit and grated cheese alternative.

Sheese – the best cheese alternative I’ve found so far along with violife sliced cheese and cream cheese.

Oat milk – great for coffee and cereal. Especially Oatly Barista.

Elizabeth Shaw mints – loved these anyway. Many dark chocolates are vegan and can be heated and mixed with vegan cereals to create indulgent treats.

Oggs cakes – chocolate ones are amazing!

Ben & Jerrys chocolate fudge brownie – best chocolate ice cream.

Ritz biscuits, party rings and chocolate bourbons – best guilty sins.

Flora – all flora varieties are now vegan.

Coop apple pies and jam doughnuts – accidentally vegan delicious!

Coop Orvietto wine – vegan, tasty and great value.

Vegannaise – accept no alternatives. I tried another brand and it was horrible!

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