What is an eco-holiday?

An eco-holiday is one that is taken thoughtfully and responsibly and where the impact on the environment is taken into account, including the impact on people and animals as well as the natural world.

What should be considered?

Everything we do has an impact on our environment so we should be mindful of every aspect of our holidays. From the mode of transport to the food we will eat to the activities we will partake in.

Should we holiday at all?

Since every part of a holiday has a carbon footprint, it might seem better not to go at all. However, I believe there are many positive reasons for going on holiday so we should consider responsible travel as an essential part of our holiday planning rather than not going at all. Another important point is that I don’t believe it’s possible to stop enough travel to make a significant impact on the environment in the little time we have to make a difference. However, if we all travel more responsibly, I believe we can make an enormous difference rather quickly indeed.

How can we travel more responsibly?

1. Consider the reasons for and frequency of your holidays and try to limit the number you have.

2. Consider the distance you are travelling and the mode of transport. Might a staycation in the country you live in work just as well for you? Can you travel by public transport?

3. If you choose to fly, economy flights are often more environmentally friendly. Pack lightly and mindfully as excess weight increases the fuel a plane uses.

4. What will you be eating? Buffet food can be very wasteful as a huge amount is often not eaten and thrown away. Local, plant based produce is much better for the environment and for the local economy. The same applies to local, unbranded alcohol.

5. Many holiday activities are focussed on animal attractions which exploit animals for our enjoyment. Instead, look for rescue centres and sanctuaries to support.

6. Consider offsetting the carbon footprint of your holiday by making a donation to a carbon reduction project.

7. Volunteering opportunities can be a great way to immerse yourself into local culture and give back to the place you are visiting.

8. Share your experience of responsible travel and pass on the ethos so that it becomes a standard part of everyone’s holiday planning.

I will be advertising eco holidays though my independent travel agency, Amazing Places, which is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.




Please share your own eco holiday experiences with me. I’d love to hear your stories and favourite places to go.

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