I’m a latecomer to understanding the necessity of carbon neutralisation. I’ve always known the importance of not using CFCs, eating a vegetarian diet and recycling. But I never fully understood the impact of all my actions on the world with regards to carbon emissions.

Now a full time mother of 4 very cheeky but adorable kids, I spend more and more time thinking about the future from their perspectives and what their lives might look like on this planet.

The realisation that we now have just a decade to make radical cha nges to protect the Earth as we know it, has been like a call to action for me. A silent, desperate plea from the future to act now to save us from extinction.

Along with this realisation comes a responsibility to cut my own carbon emissions while doing everything I can to influence higher level policy change which will ensure we do our best to beat dangerous levels of climate change.

This blog is about my own personal journey to reduce my carbon footprint (measured in tonnes of Carbon Dioxide equivalent, or tCO2e) and how I make each step towards becoming carbon neutral.