Crisp Packet Collection

Council recycling collections are currently unable to recycle crisp packets as they are made from a fusion of plastic and aluminium foil. Walkers are working towards 100% recyclable packets by 2025. But in the meantime, you can get them recycled with specialist recycler Terracycle and raise money for Air Ambulance Kent, Surrey and Sussex (AAKSS) … Continue reading Crisp Packet Collection

Reusable Drinks Bottles

Invest in a reusable drinks bottle and collapsible coffee cup to help reduce the 233,000 tonnes of CO2 that plastic bottles create in the UK every year. Every year, 7 billion* plastic water bottles are used in the UK. Every day 15 million* bottles are littered, landfilled or incinerated in the UK. Every minute, a million … Continue reading Reusable Drinks Bottles