What is an eco-holiday? An eco-holiday is one that is taken thoughtfully and responsibly and where the impact on the environment is taken into account, including the impact on people and animals as well as the natural world. What should be considered? Everything we do has an impact on our environment so we should be … Continue reading Eco-holidays

Don’t listen to me…

Here are some of my favourite websites for carbon cutting advice. Consistently, the highest impact points are: go vegan, travel by foot/bike only and (most controversially), have fewer kids. Well, whatever works for you, be sure to read the advice and make an informed decision. S

Veganuary Video

It's the perfect time for these wowsome films. Whether you're vegan-curious, asking for a friend or just looking for insight into this worldwide phenomenon of a cult that seems to be taking over the world, this is where to start. Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret - Game Changers the Health - Over Knives … Continue reading Veganuary Video